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We promote community awareness and support for caregivers of those living with mental health challenges. We educate and stress the importance of seeking peer and professional mental health support. We stress the importance of early professional intervention regarding mental health treatment.

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The Mission

Who We Are

Aaron’s House is a safe haven for parents and caregivers of loved ones living with bipolar disorder, depression, and any other mental illness. 

The 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation was founded by Pamela Robinson, CEO after the passing of her son Aaron Keith Robinson. Your support helps Aaron’s House proudly provide the much-needed support to caregivers and parents of people living with mental health disorders.

If you would like more information, please contact Pamela Robinson by email at aaronkrobinsonshouse@gmail.com


The cardinal principles that guide us are: we are committed to working tirelessly to defend the rights of the mentally ill, and we are committed to advocating for resources that increase the quality of life of those with mental health disorders, their families, and the caregivers who support them.

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Our solution is framed around a comprehensive and holistic approach that addresses the issues surrounding bipolar disorder and any chronic mental illness.

Our Vision

What We Do

The vision of Aaron’s House is to create a world where mental illness is as accepted and embraced as any other chronic illness, and where those affected by the illness are provided with the necessary tools and support they need in order to survive and thrive. 

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Our Board of Directors

We are Here to Help

We are a strong team of individuals dedicated to providing support for individuals and families managing the mental health of themselves and their loved ones.

Pamela Robinson

CEO & Founder

Law Office of Pamela Y. Robinson, P.A.

Frank Johnson


Retired Attorney

Gloria Reynolds


Retired Nurse

Darlene J.Johnson

Board Member

Bank of America

Angela Bowden

Board Member


Marilyn Johnson

Board Member


Jewel Shubert

Board Member

Administrative Assistant

Leroy Staley

Board Member

Retired Dept of Corrections/Athlete

Angela Bowden

Board Member


Chloe Coney

Honorary Board Member

CDC of Tampa, Inc

Natasha Pierre

Honorary Board Member

Nami Hillsborough, Inc 

Leroy Stanley

Board Member

Retired Dept of Corrections/Athlete

Others who help with the vision:

Angela Bowden

Board Member


Motown Maurice

Creative Director

Bailey Psychology Group

 licensed clinical psychologists